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  • Software & OS
    Start Button & Boot To Desktop Returns In Windows 8.1

    An anticipated announcement from Microsoft will reveal that it’s changing it’s mind about completely rethinking the Windows experience. The...

  • Social Media
    Is Microsoft Building Their Own Social Network?

    With all the buzz around Google+, Facebook might not be the only company feeling insecure. Is Microsoft seeing a ‘Window’ of opportunity as Social Network allegiances are appearing as fickle as they have been in years. Is owning 1% of Facebook really enough of a Social Strategy? Microsoft has seen Google’s ability to inundate their ads...

  • mobile
    Shockingly Redesigned Windows 8 Interface (First Look)

    If you thought the leap from XP to Vista was Big….Windows 8 has a whole new take on the PC. The New interface resembles the recently released Windows Phone 7 Experience, but this interfaces is designed for Desktops, Laptops and Tablets. The backend still has a similar layout to Windows 7 if...