• How To Make a Splash in Social Media

    Alexis Ohanian of reddit explains how to let the power of critical mass and viral memes take your Social Marketing campaigns to new heights.

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    Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media at Starbucks speaks about Open Innovation & Social Media. Matthew talks about the history of Starbucks Social Media initiatives and how to engage with 15 million fans.

  • 3 New Social Media Platforms to Gain Traction in 2011

    Originally posted 9/13/10, UPDATED with information on About.me 9/25/10Here are the 3 Social Media platforms that have the right leverage to pickup some momentum in 2011. Check out our Latest Scoops & Resources on Social Media Here About.me A one stop Online Business card and Social Network Hub for all of your...

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    Are you overwhelmed by the countless Social Media platforms that you’re told you should be involved with? Let me show you how to streamline this process so one Blog post can turn into a “Tweet”, Facebook Status Update, or another update to a Social Media service. To get started, you will need...