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How To Delete Your Google Chrome Browsing History, Private Data & Saved Searches Manually & Automatically

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chrome-privacyWhether at home or work or in public there will come a time where you want to be able to clear out your browsing history, saved searches and private data from Google Chrome.

Although Chrome doesn’t seem to conveniently provide this feature at first, those options are buried within the menu.

Even better there is an extension called “Click&Clean” that will give you many more privacy features including the ability to clear your data upon closing your browser.

Let’s start with learning how to do it manually or scroll down to learn about how to use the extension to do do it automatically.

Clearing your Browsing History in Chrome

First, go into your Chrome settings button, all the way to the right hand corner of your browser ( gc91 ) and go to Tools


Next, click on Clear Browsing Data


A New tab will open giving you your options to clear. I generally suggest just clearing browsing history, clear download history and emptying cache if you are unsure about the others. In most cases, you won’t want to clear saved passwords and logins. You also have the option to “obliterate” everything from the beginning of time or choose a specific time.

And here is the great alternative to manually clearing your browsing history and data plus many additional privacy features…


How to use the Click & Clean Extension for Google Chrome & Automatically Delete Private Data Upon Exit

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