Samsung Introduces The Galaxy S4


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samsung-galaxy-s4The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone has been officially revealed. Scheduled for release mid-late spring 2013, the Next Generation Galaxy product has some noteworthy new features including a larger screen, 8 core processor, innovative camera features, eye tracking and hand gesture input features.

Noteworthy Hardware specs:

  • Large 5 inch  Full HD(1080P) Super AMOLED screen
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • Lighter and thinner than the Galaxy S3
  • Ability to control your TV (even if it’s not a Samsung) using the IR Blaster technology and accompanying App
  • micro SD slot with up to 64GB of storage
  • 2,600mAh battery

Noteworthy Software specs:

  • Multiview, Multi-Window Mode (Formerly exclusive to the Galaxy Note 2)
  • AirView (hovering finger gestures)
  • Wave & Wipe Navigation using camera sensor
  • Group Play, allowing people to share data, play multiplayer games via Bluetooth or NFC
  • S Health, next gen pedometer and health sensor software built-in
  • Runs the latest Android Jelly Bean 2.2 OS

galaxy-s-4Key Lime Pie

The S4 may be one of the first phones to get Android Key Lime Pie as Google’s expected to announce their next generation operating system at Google I/O on May 15th.

 The Full Samsung Galaxy S4 UNPACKED 2013 Presentation Key Note:

Here is the nearly 1 hour presentation by Samsung. Not your average Gadget Key note, a variety show part Steve Jobs, part Saturday Night Live and the Oscars.

Via Samsung, to learn more, visit the Official Samsung Galaxy S4 site.

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