How To Make A Website With A Responsive Design


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responsive-designAlthough some designers have been familiar with Responsive Designs for years, 2013 will be the year Responsive sites go mainstream.

A Responsive designed site has the ability to adapt to any screen size, whether it be Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or any other internet enabled device. You aren’t creating separate designs or Apps as done before, but one design that contains code enabling it to change based on the proportions and resolution of your screen.

Here is a quick tutorial on Designing Responsively.



What is Responsive Design?


Navigation Menu to Dropdown Menu For Smaller Screens


Using Media Queries


FYI: Both & have responsive designs. Check out those two designs and shrink your window to watch them adapt.

Videos via Awful Media

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  • kombizz

    I read this informative article. I try to apply it to my computer and Samsung S4.

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