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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

RM Downey is the CEO of HipVine. He is an Entrepreneur, Developer, Podcast host & Blogger. An avid Boston Celtics fan, Hack musician, Nature lover, Traveler and Craft Beer enthusiast, RMD frequently bounces from Geek, Jock and Hippie.

Just like Social Media in the late 2000’s, Content Marketing is the Marketing Buzz word of the 2010’s. Content Marketing is starting to morph into the larger term encompassing Social Media, Blogging, Online advertising and other forms of Digital marketing.

Content Marketing is essentially the creation and sharing of content to build brand awareness, interest and loyalty. Many Marketing professionals refer to Content marketing as both the oldest AND newest form of Marketing.

Telling a  story through creating content to a potential customer has been in practice since the dawn of the Marketing industry. Now people are starting to pull away from focusing so much on a Social Media strategy and more of a focus on the larger Content strategy that encompasses SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Print, Video and other forms of media.

For Business owners who want to go beyond the “Fluffy” feel good Social theory and want to know how to get leads and sales, Content marketing has been proven to be the real deal.

In this Video, the experts at ClickTecs give you an overview of “What is Content Marketing?”,  How Content Marketing relates to other Marketing efforts such as Social Media,  SEO and Advertising and Optimizing  for your Content Marketing Strategy.

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