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WordPress is one of the most popular choices for setting up a new site or blog for two very good reasons, ease of use and community support.

With a plethora of knowledge on the ins and outs of the platform, thousands of plugins and customized themes, WordPress is used by many, from the smallest hobby and personal blogs to full fledged multi-million dollar websites like Mashable and The Wall Street Journal Blog.

To fully maximize all that WordPress has to offer, it is important to start with the basics in the correct order. HipVine has pulled together this great collection of video tutorials from the folks at LeftLane Designs.

Setting Up WordPress

How To Install WordPress Using FTP

This video will show you how to install your wordPress site in the location of your choice.

Getting Started Using WordPress

Introduction To Your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard will be your hub. This is where you can see your comments, post drafts and all your menu options on the left hand side.

How To Create A New Post In WordPress

You will be surprised how quickly you can start creating content with WordPress. Feel free to do your first post before everything is all setup as it will adapt to the settings you implement later and you can always easily edit the post.

How To Edit Your Existing Posts in WordPress

Initially you will find yourself editing posts frequently. Once you get in the groove and get used to working with WordPress you will find yourself following a series of steps to take advantage of all of the post optimization features.

How To Use Categories & Tags In WordPress

Categories and Tags are essential to indexing and organizing your content for yourself, your readers and Search engines like Google.

How To Create & Edit Pages In WordPress

Pages are generally content that change less frequently such as your About, Contact page or other informational pages.

How To Insert Images & Photos In Your WordPress Posts

Learning about managing images may be a trickier aspect of posting since their are so many options for sizing and optimization.

How To Add (Embed) Video In Your WordPress Blog Posts

Embedding YouTube, Vimeo and other video into your posts and pages is becoming an increasingly more important aspect of Blogging and creating content in general.

How To Use The Media Library in WordPress

The Media library is where you manage all of your Photos, Videos and Audio content.

How To Manage User Comments In WordPress

Reader Commenting can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating aspects of Blogging because of comment moderation and spamming.

How To Create Links In WordPress

Linking is a great way to create both engaging content and attributing credit to another author or source.

Customizing WordPress

How To Change the Look Or Design Of Your WordPress Site

WordPress is an incredibly flexible platform when it comes to changing the look and feel of your site.

How To Use Widgets In WordPress

Widgets can be a variety of different pieces of code, applications and other content that are able to be easily moved around to different sections of your site through a drag and drop interface.

How To Build Custom Menus In WordPress

Your Navigation is essential for your readers and the search engines, as well as a great way to organize your site’s content.

How To Install Plugins In WordPress

Plugins enable you to easily implement new features and functionality into your blog and are one of the biggest contributing factors to WordPress’s popularity.

How To Add A New User In WordPress

Users can be people who comment on your site or even Moderators, Authors or Contributor’s of content.

Optimizing WordPress

Great Tools For Your WordPress Site

Here are some great tools commonly used in WordPress installations.

Best Configuration Settings For WordPress

Initially you may be overwhelmed by the amount of Settings in a default WordPress installation but it is important to focus on a few key settings so your site works properly.

How To Organize Pages In WordPress

The way you plan out your Page structure not only affects your readers but the Search Engines like Google as well.


Don’t want to do it yourself? HipVine offers a variety of Web Design services our of our Hartford studio.

Thanks for reading and watching. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions feel free to post them below:

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  • Tim Jansen

    Wow awesome article. I found this on Google+ when searching for wordpress. My question is how did you edit the wordpress login so users can login with their facebook / Google account?


    Keep up the good work ;)!

    • RM Downey

      Search for “OneAll Social Login”. It took awhile to get all setup, but their instructions are really good. Maybe that will be the next WordPress article. Thanks!

      • Tim Jansen

        Awesome, looking forward to it!


        A notify me on followup comment would be greatly appreciated. Almost forgot about this perfect post!

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